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Time to embrace the young receivers

The Eagles fans are obsessed with the veteran wide receiver.

Josh Gordon.....”Sign Him”

Antonio Brown .....”Do it Howie”

Dez....”Throw up the X”

Julio Jones….”Make it happen”

The list goes on and on through the years....Eric Moulds, Peerless Price etc. It is understandable too, the draft record hasn’t been great for years and years. So what I am about to say is foreign to us. I don’t want any more veteran wideouts! I’ll admit it, just last Sunday John Hightower dropped a beautiful pass in his hands against Baltimore. I jumped out of my seat and screamed at him like everybody else. Less than a week later here I am saying, ya know what, I’ll live with that drop now if we can have receivers who will grow with our QB. Ward is sure handed, smart player. Someone Carson already trusts . Fulgham is already becoming a fan favorite in the month of October.(Yeah I bought his jersey after the Steelers game) Reagor has wet our whistle in the 2 games he has played. Even if it was a short stint he looked like he has explosive talent. Now back to Hightower. He could be diamond in the rough. A 5th rounder with blazing speed out of Boise State. Yes, he has had some tough, game changing drops vs Pittsburgh and Baltimore, both catches that might have been long touchdowns. The fan base has been vocal to bench him. Yet the coaches keep going back to him. The trust in the coaching staff is paying off. Credit Ruben Frank for pointing out John Hightower, D.K. Metcalf and Jamison Crowder are the only players with more than one 50-yard catch this year. His routing running is crisp and will get better with playing time and as his knowledge of the offense grows he will think less and the hands will get better.

It has been well documented all the receivers Carson has had to throw to this year. Why not let these receivers build chemistry with our QB. If these guys can all take the next step then the offense will be explosive in the future and be inexpensive too. So, Birds fans, be patient and it may pay off big time.

Chris Szagola | Credit: AP

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