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Time for the Defense to help out the Offense

I am the ultimate die hard Eagles fan. I pride myself in knowing who is on the team. Anyone remember Ephesians Bartley, Harry Boatswain or Eric Zomalt....I do (Zomalt was the last safety to start before Dawkins). The reason I say these names, I look at the Eagles offensive

line up and even I have to say WHO!!! Our offense had 9 of their 11 starters missing. Heck even the back ups had their back up in the game. Yet our offense still put up 29 and 28 points respectively. Those last 2 games were against some of the toughest defenses in the NFL. My point being...Yo defense can you help out your offense!!!

The defensive line has played dominant at times but not enough, yet we can’t strip the ball. Why can’t the Eagles strip the ball?? Watching the game today, watching what Baltimore teaches on defense. They ATTACK the ball. When they tackle they gang up and chop at the ball. They constantly punch at it. Their linebackers contribute and the safeties are never in a trail position. Our Defense does none of this, hence we lack turnovers. The defense is laying back, yet we still gave up 30 plus points the last 2 weeks. Turnovers win games. Until they learn to force turnovers we won’t have a chance! C’mon D let’s step it up!

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Don Wright

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