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STOP IT! Carson is QB1 of the Eagles

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I hate bye weeks for many reasons. One of those main reasons is the absolute explosion of non-stories into national debates. One such instance happened yesterday during Doug Pederson's press conference. When asked about Brett Favre's comments about keeping Nick Foles over Carson Wentz, Doug took 3 tries to come out with an acceptable "Philly" response. The whole "Carson is our guy and don't put words in my mouth or we're going to have a problem" comment.


This needs to be drilled into people's heads for some reason. YES he is having a terrible year. YES he is doing to much and trying to be a hero all of the time. YES his turnovers are directly hurting the team. Even with all of that it needs to be repeated. Carson Wentz is the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles for at LEAST this season and next. There is a ton of money involved. There are also the people that need to be slapped with other information.

1) Nick Foles should've been the QB

This is flat out not true. He went to Jacksonville and lost the job to Gardner Minshew. He went to Chicago and is struggling to keep the job over Mitch Trubisky. We can always love Nick Foles and everything he gave us in 2017 (he won the Super Bowl for us) but the point is to be made that Nick Foles will go down as the greatest relief pitcher in NFL history. He has never gameplanned as a #1 well. Foles is best when the adrenaline is flying and he has no time to prepare. Let the PhillyPhilly statue be enough!!

2) Just start Jalen Hurts

He isn't ready and may never be. It is evident by the fact that he has barely been allowed to throw the ball this year. Maybe he is better than a Taysom Hill but when you look at who he was throwing to in college ANYBODY could've thrown for the yardage and TDs he did. Jalen Hurts with no training camp and very little playing time is not ready to take the helm of an NFL team. I personally think Sudfeld should still be suiting up on game days because he gives you a better chance to win at the QB position.

Was the press conference blown out of proportion? Yes. Should Doug have been clearer that Carson is the guy? Yes. It doesn't mean that the "organization has given up on Carson." That is just bad journalism that is designed to shock and awe. Take a breath and let the season play out.

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