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Questions Going Into The Washington Game.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going into their last game of the season against the Washington Football Team on Sunday night. The Birds are eliminated from the playoffs, but coaches and players still have something to play for. Washington is one game away from clinching the NFC East and making the wildcard playoffs, and also, if they beat the Eagles, they will host a playoff game. Sunday night's game is a primetime game at Lincoln Financial Field for an 8:20 kickoff, and the Birds are always dangerous at night at The Linc. I am not saying this because I am partial to the Eagles, but this a trap game for Washington, but other teams are playing for the NFC East Championship like the Cowboys and the Giants.

1.Is this the last game that we see Zach Ertz as an Eagles?- At the beginning of the season, he was not happy with his contract, and speculation was going around that the Eagles tried to trade him. Ertz won't be a free agent until 2022, and his bonus is $8,000,000 and this season, he signed a $1,6000,000 contract. He also has a five year $42 5000,000 contract, including an annual salary of $8,500,000. This season he signed a base salary of $6,660,000 and carrying a cap hit of $12,481,500. There will be a dead cap value of $20,251,000. Ertz is also a fan favorite, and it would be a shame to lose him.

2.Is this Doug Pederson's last game as the Eagles head coach?- 2020 was not easy for Doug after back in August testing positive for COVID 19 and having a rough season leading the Birds. Pederson took a lot of heat for his controversial play-calling this season after last season's offseason by firing Mike Groh and not replacing him, so he named himself play-caller. He has always been the play-caller, but this season it was ridiculous after all the chances he had to make it right as a head coach, but problems at quarterback did not make it any easier for him. Pederson did say he expects to be back as the Eagles head coach in 2021.

3.Is this Carson Wentz last game suiting up for the Eagles?- I love Carson, but this season has been a nightmare for him, and he was very inconsistent even in games that the Birds won. I have heard two sides of which that Wentz will be back and that he won't be back next season, so I am saying that he will because knowing Howie Roseman is all about second chances even after an atrocious season.

4.Can the Eagles play spoiler for Washington's chances of winning the NFC East?- Absolutely, I always think that the Birds can win, especially if they can upset the Saints. The Cowboys would get in if the Eagles beat Washington or tie or even a Dallas tie plus a Washington loss. The Giants get in if they win and if Washington loses, so it is a crazy scenario.

5.Does anyone want to win the NFC East?- Absolutely not!

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