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NFL Draft Day 1: Eagles Select Jordan Davis and Trade for AJ Brown

There was so much anticipation heading into day 1 of the NFL Draft. The Eagles had picks 15 and 18, and there was so much talk on the direction they were going to go.

As the draft progressed, all the top WR's were selected, which left the Eagles questioning where they should go.

However, after a trade with Houston, the Eagles took Georgia DT Jordan Davis. The Eagles sent picks 15, 124, 162, and 166 in order to select the defensive star from the Dawgs. At the combine the 6'6" 341 lineman ran a 4.8 40 yard dash with ease.

With Fletcher Cox on a 1 year deal, this pick helps solidify the defensive line for the foreseeable future. Davis is a big strong run stopper that will continue the Eagles dominance on the defensive line.

Then the trade we never saw coming.

The Eagles traded 18 and a 3rd round pick to the Titans for Pro Bowl WR AJ Brown. In 3 years with the Titans he has 185 receptions, 2995 yards, and 26 touchdowns. With all the top WR's off the board, instead of taking a risk (Like Howie loves to do,) Howie went out and got an established WR.

With the pick, the pressure now turns to Jalen Hurts. There is talk that the Eagles are not fully committed to him past the 2022 season. By surrounding him with a pro-bowl WR, if he can not succeed with him, then maybe it will be time to move on. However, this move could be the move that helps elevate Jalen's game to the next level. It is never a bad idea when you bring in a 24 year old pro-bowl WR.

After the trade was announced, the Eagles announced they have also signed Brown to a 4 year 100 million dollar extension.


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