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MATCH RECAP: Union 1, Crew 0

For the first time in what feels like forever, Subaru Park was at full capacity for a Union home match. Tonight, our Boys in Blue hosted the Columbus Crew, and they handed them a 1-0 loss. Here's our recap from tonight's exciting match!

Starting XI

Union Blake

Wagner, Elliott, Glesnes, Mbaizo

McGlynn, Flach, Bedoya, Monteiro

Burke, Przybylko



Santos, Wormgoor, Mensah, Afful

Fraser, Nagbe

Matan, Molino, Etienne Jr.


First Half Summary

The energy of the crowd poured throughout the stadium, and the Union controlled the ball for the first few minutes. Columbus had a scary offensive push though in the 8th minute, as a crossing ball brought Blake out of position. He quickly returned to his line, and Glesnes effortlessly took control of the ball in the box and tapped it to Andre.

The Union's best chance in the first fifteen minutes came from a throw in by the corner. The ball was headed into the box, but a leaping Room kept the ball out of harms way.

Burke was taken down in the 20th minute after he had just barely beaten his man. The first set piece for the Union came and went though, as a poor cross was easily sent out of the Crew's box. Regardless, Philly continued their pressure and earned a corner kick in the 22nd minute. The ball found a leaping Burke, but his header went over the crossbar, away from any real danger.

We had ourselves the first goal in the 24th minute, as a ball found Jamiro's feet at the vey top of the box. He easily brought it down and sent it passed Room with ease. 1-0 for the Boys in Blue!

Another great chance from the Union came in the 30th minute. A wide open McGlynn fed Wagner a ball into the box. He sent the cross right toward Kacper, but unfortunately the Columbus defender was able to get it out of play for a throw. Close one there as Przybylko was right on the door step for the team's second goal.

Burke continued to put on a good performance. Bedoya found Cory surging toward the top corner of the box, and the Jamaican striker sent a powerful shot to the side of the net. Burke with another impressive start here.

Another close call in the 35th minute. Bedoya was fortunate to get a rebound sent his way in the box, and he carefully headed it right toward Kacper. The Crew defense was able to recover and sent the ball out for a corner, which resulted in a clearance.

The Crew earned their first corner kick in the 38th minute, but it was sent out of the box from the strong Union defense without any cause for alarm. This soon led to another Philly corner in the 40th minute, but once again Columbus was able to avoid increasing their deficit.

The first booking came in the 43rd minute. Mbaizo surged down the line, and Matan desperately tried to stop the Philly right back. Mbaizo was tackled from behind, and Matan was shown a yellow.

The most frightening moment of the first half came in the 45th minute. Burke went up for a header by midfield, where he was met with a strong blow to the head/neck area. The trainers quickly came to his aid, and fortunately he was able to walk away under his own power. Fontana is already in concussion protocol, so you worry if Cory will be dealing with any form of symptoms.

Columbus ended the first half with a corner kick in stoppage time. Thankfully, the ball sailed well over the box, and the official blew the whistle to end the half. Considering it's Coach Curtin's birthday, the Sons of Ben loudly sang Happy Birthday as he walked with his squad into the locker room.

Union 1, Columbus 0

Second Half Summary

Columbus started the first half with a sub, as the dangerous Zelarayan entered the match. Fortunately for the Union, Burke seems to be ok, as he started the second half.

The next booking came in the 51st minute. Burke almost had a breakaway, but Wormgoor brought Cory down. He was shown the yellow, and the Crew avoided any further danger.

The first Philly subs came earlier than usual from Curtin. Matt Real and Sergio Santos replaced McGlynn and Burke, respectively. Crew continued with their subs, with Matan being removed by Valenzuela.

After Elliott had a beautiful cross to Mbaizo in the 71st minute, the Union earned themselves a corner. The ball bounced off Elliott's head into the box, but ultimately no real chance came at net.

The game had been fairly chippy leading into the 72nd minute, but none of it had come from Matt Real. He then made a strong tackle in the middle of the field, and was immediately shown a red. Subaru Park erupted in anger, and the Philly players quickly stormed the ref. Fortunately for Real, VAR was called, and Matt was only given a yellow. Close call there.

Crew made their next two substitutions on the night, when Fraser was replaced by Francis. Next, Etienne was removed by Hairston

Bedoya came up limping in the 78th minute, and Quinn Sullivan replaced the Philly captain. Hoping Ale just needs a breather and nothing further in terms of an injury.

Crew came within inches of scoring the equalizing goal. Blake was 1 on 1 with Hairston, but made himself big and sent the ball away, which led to a goal kick. Another amazing moment from Andre.

Another card was given to the Union, with Flach picking up a yellow in the 84th minute. A dangerous free kick was then sent into the box, but a sailing header gave Andre a goal kick.

Another apparent head injury came in the 88th minute. A ball was struck well toward Flach, who immediately fell to the pitch. Leon thankfully got back on his feet and was not removed from the match.

Five minutes of stoppage time were added on. Up to this point, it had been very much a back and forth half, with minimal chances on either net. The Crew did take some strikes toward goal, but they were kicked far away from Blake.

One last sub came for Philly. Alvas Powell made his Union debut tonight, and he replaced Mbaizo late. Tough time to come on considering the Crew had been pressing toward the Philly net. Regardless, the Union D held strong and secured another home win!

Final Score Union 1, Columbus 0

- Mike Barrera (@mbarrera1323)

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