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Make the Eagles Great Again. Build that wall (of O-Lineman!)

While all the headlines are focusing on the coach and quarterback and their struggles, all us Eagles fans want to know one thing. How do we fix it! While I certainly don’t have all the answers the first thing I do is rebuild and restock the Offensive Line. The NFL has seen a lot of changes to the game in recent years. The one the that hasn’t changed, It all starts up front. Built under the philosophy of Andy Reid, the O-Line was always a priority. Ever since Reid left the Eagles have let that slip away. Under Chip Kelly the Eagles drafted only 1 lineman (Lane Johnson ) if they put any stock in drafting and developing lineman then, they would be the core of their line right now. Though Howie has done a little more, it hasn’t been priority. It needs to be. In 2016 the Eagles took Seumalo and Big V both good solid picks. Then 2017, no lineman drafted. 2018 the only pick was a project in Mailata. 2019 Dillard who has not stayed healthy. 2020 they did pick 2 lineman, but their first pick was not until round 4. Even when not drafting lineman you need to sign significant free agents. Brandon Brooks was a great 2016! Since then, nothing!

Our line is not getting any younger. Brooks has had 3 major injuries since 2018. Lane and Kelce are the best at their positions, Kelce is one step closer to retirement. Johnson is a warrior but also getting beat up and aging. Then there is Peters. I love The Bodyguard, but he is 3 years past great. You want to see a fearless Doug. create space for his offense. You want Carson to look more like 2017 than 2020, protect him. Show me a team with a dominant offense line and I will show you a playoff team. Fixing the line isn’t the only thing that needs to be done, but for me it is priority number 1 this off-season.

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