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Grading the Game: Week 2 vs SF

By: Chip Keagy, AATSN Co-host

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It happened. We all got ahead of ourselves. We said multiple times that this was a season of development and that we weren't expecting big things. But week 1 happened and all of Philadelphia saw a Super Bowl this season. Today, the Eagles played a legitimate contender and played like the 4 win team they were a year ago. Who's to blame for today's loss? Class is in session!

Coaching Staff: D-

This was a rookie Head Coaching effort in every sense of the word. The game plan for the day was off. The Eagles were going against a STOUT defensive line and a battered secondary. Game plan: run the ball directly into the line and force Jalen Hurts to throw multiple deep balls after he has showed nothing his entire professional career that says that's a skill for him. He called a HORRIFIC play for the 4th down call. Let the Philly Special go! Sirianni's biggest issue was to go for the two point conversion (unnecessary) and then to not kick the onside kick so to never get the ball back. The only reason that this is not a failing grade is because of Gannon's defense holding the 49ers to only 17 points. To me, this is the primary reason the Eagles lost today.

Quarterback: C-

Jalen Hurts was mediocre at best. Just around 50% completion percentage. No TDs and no INTs. Team's leading rusher. Almost every throw he made was underthrown and the biggest issue with that is he threw downfield a ton. A lot into double coverage and many forced to Devonta Smith. This was not a great game. While Sirianni never put Hurts in position to succeed, QB1 didn't do a good enough job today.

Also Greg Ward (who threw the ball today so he is in this category) threw a ball into a trash can....does anything else need to be said?

Running Backs: C

Sanders and Gainwell were ineffective today. This was to be expected against a ferocious front 7 for the 49ers. The calls that were made were to run directly full speed into the line. Not a forte of either back. Add on 3 catches between the two of them and this group just didn't do a good job.

Wide Receivers: D+

If you remove the 91 yard reception for Quez Watkins, this group was dismal. The ENTIRE receiving corp had 5 catches for 47 yards. No separation against a decimated 49ers secondary. Getting forced out of bounds. This just didn't work out today.

Tight Ends: C-

Combined 3 catches for 30 yards. Up until the end of the game, this group was non-existent. They struggled to block when they were forced to stay in and then were not helpful in the passing game at all.

Offensive Line: B-

The offensive line had a monumental task in front of them today. They did OK. Mailata played decent against Bosa. Seumalo was average. Kelce did not have a great game. Brooks went down and Landon Dickerson played TERRIBLE in his place. Lane Johnson got better since last week. The biggest concern is that Dickerson will have to play an extended amount of time and is not ready. He didn't do a good enough job in his debut.

Defensive Line: B-

Javon Hargrave and Fletcher Cox had really good games. Josh Sweat, after signing a big contract extension, had zero tackles. Derek Barnett had a crippling boneheaded penalty that helped contribute to losing the game. Losing Brandon Graham for the season will hurt the Eagles a considerable amount this season. The D Line helped hold the 49ers to 17 points but they need more pressure moving forward.

Linebackers: B+

The linebacker corp gets a lot of credit for one very simple reason: they helped hold George Kittle, one of the best TEs in the game to only 4 catches for 17 yards. A year ago, he set career numbers and today he was meaningless. That makes two straight games that TEs have NOT hurt the Eagles.

Secondary: B

The secondary did not allow Jimmy G to throw for 200 yards. He completed a ton of passes but did not take any chances with the ball. The biggest issue that this group had is K'von Wallace. He got flagged for a devastating penalty when there was a turnover that could have changed the entire outcome of the game. Wallace launched himself at a defenseless receiver. It didn't need to happen. It is a rookie mistake from a second year player that needs to know and play better.

Special Teams: B-

Blocked FG. Miscoverage on a GORGEOUS punt by Sippos. Special teams needs work but they have been overall solid this season.


This team played like a 4 win team again. They were significantly outcoached, outplayed, and outlasted. Too many opportunities to win the game that were not capitalized on. This team needs to learn from their mistakes and get better quick. They are facing a tough Dallas team in a week in a primetime matchup on the road.

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