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Eagles vs Ravens Halftime Analysis...

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That was an embarrassment of a 1st half. Ignoring the last two drives where the ball actually moved slightly, the Eagles put together a pathetic first 6 drives that included 5 3-and-outs and 1 fumble. The only time the offense looked like a threat was when Jalen Hurts was on the field.

Yet the Eagles are still in this game. Why? Because Lamar Jackson picked this week to try out his new sidearm delivery. There is a reason why the Ravens are the 31st ranked passing offense in the NFL. They rely on the run and the Eagles can't stop much. The defensive line for the Eagles are doing what they can but the back 7 are a liability.

In order for a miracle to happen the following things must transpire:

1) Carson Wentz has to be allowed to throw quick slants to Travis Fulgham. These 7 step dropbacks are going to make Carson leave the game on a stretcher.

2) Jamon Brown needs to put on a Ravens jersey.

3) Ertz needs to try and get open for 5 yard pickups.

4) Let the offensive line run block more. Even if it isn't working, there is something that Offensive linemen like to do and its hit people. Let them do it. You saw it when Miles Sanders rushed it at the end of the half.

Doesn't seem likely. So brace yourself Eagles fans. 2nd half could be a lot of the same.

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