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Claude Giroux Traded

We all knew it was coming. It was just a matter of when and where. Here are the details

To the Panthers: Claude Giroux. 2024 5th round pick, Connor Bunnaman and German Rubtsov

To the Flyers: Owen Tippett. 2024 1st round pick. 2023 3rd round pick and retain 50% of Claude's salary.

This is an awful trade for the Flyers. To be fair, Claude Giroux controlled his own fate and had final say on his destination. He had no reason to help the Flyers by taking a deal where GM Chuck Fletcher would have made out better, say Colorado. According to the twitter rumors, Giroux nixed a deal to the Rangers and to the Bruins. He gets a pat on the back there. Colorado had a MUCH better off on the table but Giroux wanted to go to Florida all along. Personally, I'm not mad at him, that's the whole point of a No Movement Clause in a contract. Florida is a fun team to watch and he's got a really good chance at winning a cup with them. Possibly comes back here in the offseason so who knows.

Phillipe Meyers who was part of the Ryan Ellis trade was placed on waivers and cleared. He has one less point than Ellis who played in only 4 games this season. Could a reunion be on the way with the possible trade of Justin Braun? Martin Jones also could be on his way out. Two days until the deadline, Chuck Fletcher is now free of the Giroux situation and can work those phones and sell, sell, sell.

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