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Carson Wentz or Jared Goff

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Eagles cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman made some waves on Monday when he said Wentz takes more accountability of the offense than his former teammate Jared Goff did.

Robey-Coleman probably didn't mean any disrespect to his former teammate, but nonetheless the two quarterbacks will forever be compared after being drafted #1 and #2 of the 2016 NFL draft.

So the question remains, after four seasons who has been the better quarterback?

Before looking at the statistical numbers between the two quarterbacks, lets look at the their primary weapons throughout their careers thus far:

Wentz has had Pro-Bowl tight end Zach Ertz, but it is without a doubt that Goff has had the better receiving and running support thus far in their careers. Aside from the 2019 season for Goff, both quarterback have also had great offensive-line support.

Now lets look at different statistical categories and see who has performed better in their 4-year careers.

Overall Stats

Per Game

Just looking at the overall numbers both quarterbacks appear to have had similar performances and their per game numbers are almost identical.

We will have to other statistics to determine the better quarterback.

Red Zone

Both quarterbacks have performed equally in the red zone as both quarterbacks are among the best in the NFL in red zone performance.

vs Over .500 Teams

Per Game

vs Top Defenses

While both quarterbacks have performed relatively the same overall, in the red zone, and against over .500 teams, we will see that Wentz has performed far better than Goff when it comes to playing against the top defenses in the NFL.

vs Top Defense by Points Allowed

vs Top Defenses by Total Yards Allowed

vs Top Defenses by Passer Rating Allowed

vs Top Defenses by Passing Yards Allowed

vs Top Defenses by Overall DVOA

vs Top Defenses by Passing DVOA

In every category of top defense Carson Wentz has a higher passer rating, averages more yards per game, more touchdowns per game, and less turnovers per game by a significant margin.


Carson Wentz has not had the benefit of having the offensive weapons that Jared Goff has and has still performed better or equally in almost every statistical category.

Performance against top defenses is an important indicator of quarterback play and in this respect Carson Wentz has been the better quarterback.

While Jared Goff has been a better quarterback than his reputation suggests, it is without question that Carson Wentz has been the better quarterback thus far.

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