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Are The Broncos Getting Screwed? Maybe Not?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


Let’s be honest, it is what everyone is thinking. How can you let an NFL team play a game without a quarterback? But the more I think about it, they more they could have prepared for this situation.

Hear me out here. The Eagles may not have had stellar year, but they did have a blueprint for much of this season on how to handle a QB Covid outbreak. Remember on roster day everyone was shocked to see Josh McCown on the Practice Squad. Well, this was the reason for the signing. If the QB room all had to be quarantined, a replacement was at the teams disposal. Is it an ideal solution to play with a 4th string QB? No, but it is better than playing with. WR or RB.

The Eagles never replaced McCown after he was signed to the Texans active roster, but the should have. You can’t tell me a player like Kyle Lauletta wouldn’t be a wise signing as an emergency quarantine QB.

Every NFL franchise has 16 Practice Squad spots open in 2020. Every single one of them should have taken a spot and quarantined an emergency quarterback. It brought was up many times as the season approached. The Broncos, along with every other NFL team have rolled the dice with not quarantining a QB. The Broncos came up snake eyes.

So tomorrow the Broncos will go into the game tomorrow without a quarterback. While, I am intrigued to watch the game, they did have a viable solution which they didn’t take advantage of. That is 2020 and they have to live with those consequences.

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