All About The Futures: Super Bowl LVI

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I wanted to get the Divisional Odds done first, but the Cardinals signing of JJ Watt has changed up the game plan a bit. Free Agency is only a few weeks away, which means the Odds may have the best value now. For example, the Cards were at +700 to win the division prior to the Watt signing, and then they jumped to +600. With that said, I wanted to get this to all my fellow gamblers ASAP!

2021 SB Champ Odds per FanDuel as of March 3rd, 2021

KC +500 Browns +2200 Vikings +4400 NYJ +7000

Bucs +950 Colts +2400 Panthers +5000 Bengals +8000

Bills +1100 Titans +2700 Raiders +5000 Texans+8000

Packers +1100 Miami +2800 Falcons +6000 Jaguars +10000

Rams +1300 Dallas +2900 Bears +6000 Lions +13000

Ravens +1400 Chargers +3100 WFT +6000

Niners +1400 Steelers +3100 Broncos +6500

Saints +1800 Cardinals +4000 Philly +6500

Seattle +2000 Patriots +4000 Giants +7000

History on Kansas City's Side? KC: +500

I’m not going to talk about the “Super Bowl Curse”. You know, how the loser is due for a bad season after losing the big game? I don’t see the Chiefs having a bad season, so instead I’m looking at a different stat. Per TSN, only THREE teams have lost a SB, and then went on to win a title the following year: 71 Cowboys (SB V & VI), 72 Dolphins (SB VI & VII), and 18 Patriots (SB LII & SB LIII). Going to three straight Super Bowls for KC is hard enough, so I think I’m siding with history here.

Back to Back Champs: Tampa +950