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AATBirds' NFL Pick 'Em: Week 3

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We are onto Week 3 in the NFL and after two weeks Jeff still has a slight lead over Johnny after both went 12-4 last week while Phil improved with a 11-5 after week a .500 Week 1 but is still only a few games behind. See the rest of their selections below!

Ulecka Locks-Week 3!

Jeff(3-3 overall)

-49ers -4 over Giants

-Titans -2.5 Over Vikings

-Falcons -3 over Bears

Johnny(3-3 overall)

-Bills -2.5 Over Rams

-Buccs -6 over Broncos

-Raiders +6.5 over Patriots

Phil(2-4 overall)

-Bills -2.5 Over Rams

-Cardinals -6 Over Lions

-Seattle -5 Over Cowboys

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