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2nd Rounder for Jalen? That deal Hurts!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

With Dak Prescott going down with a season ending injury and Andy Daulton being blown up on a vicious cheap shot the mock trade junkies are at it! Would you trade Hurts to the Cowboys for a 2nd Round pick? Here is my opinion. No shot!!!

That would be an absolute steal for the Cowboys and here is why. We all know Dak is a franchise tagged and he will be due a large payday again after the season. If he is tagged again his one year salary will be well in access of $40 million dollars with the cap that is expected to go down. So dealing Hurts to the Cowboys would give Cowboys a barging chip they desperately need. There is no doubt the Cowboys would be willing to part with a 2nd round pick to get a quarterback on a rookie deal and one that is already showing flashes he can play in the NFL. Think about it, they get a possible long term replacement for Dak if he doesn’t fully recover or a bargaining chip as they negotiate his long term deal. All for the cheap price of a second round pick. That is an investment the Cowboys would do in a heartbeat.

From an Eagles standpoint. Yes, the best case scenario is to deal Hurts for future draft capital. But that draft capital wasn’t to break even, but get a first round pick or multiple picks. The Eagles are married to Carson, yes Hurts was/is an insurance policy in the event of an injury. But he also adds a much needed spark as the team recovers from injuries all over the offense. None of those risk are worth just a seconded rounder. If the Cowboys want Hurts. Throw a number 1 pick on the table and we can start to talk, otherwise. No way I am helping the stinkin Cowboys....PS the Cowboys aren’t giving up Lamb either, but that is a whole separate article.

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